Lunch Box Ideas For Kids

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Lunch box ideas for kids – every child anticipates the arrival of his or her lunch box.”What am I going to eat today?” Child wants a surprise when he opens his lunch box. Something new, a new variety of taste is what they are looking for. It’s fun to try new recipes and different ways of cooking the same foods, so scroll down to find some interesting lunch box ideas for kids.

Packing lunches should be simple to plan, treat, and eat. If one uses their imagination, there are infinite possibilities for packed lunches.

Here are some ideas which you can prepare for your kids ;

Egg Bunnies

Egg bunnies, lunch box ideas for kids
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Prepare an omelette by cooking eggs with tomato, garlic, green chillies and coriander leaves. Slit small buns and cut rounds of the omelette to fit in the buns.

Sandwiches with Cream Cheese Filling

Sandwiches with cream cheese filling for kids
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Spread a mixture of cream cheese, salt, coriander leaves, onions, and black pepper powder onto day-old bread to make sandwiches. To make cream cheese, first set the curds but don’t let it get sour. Pour the liquid into a thick, coarse muslin bag and let it drain (what is left should be thick and creamy). Cover in a damp cloth and set aside.

Spinach Poori with Dry Peas

Poori with spinach and peas for kids
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Slightly cook spinach, mash, and drain excess liquid Prepare dough by combining wheat flour and salt. By deep-frying the small rounds of dough, pooris can be made. Serve with a meat dish or a dry pulse preparation.

Kabab Rolls

Kebab Rolls for children
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Cook minced meat with a small amount of Bengal gramme and seasonings such as cumin, garlic, coriander powder, green cardamom, and chillies. Add coriander, mint leaves, and green chillies after cooking and grind to a paste. a small amount of milk and curd Shape the kababs and put them on a hot Tawa. The kababs are then rolled out with half Rotis and flour pasted edges. Fry crisp and wrap in a cloth while still warm.

Curd Rice with Vegetables 

Curd Rice with Vegetables, lunch box meal for kids
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After allowing mustard seeds to splutter in hot oil, fry onions until golden brown. Add the mixed vegetables and cook until they are finished. Stir in the boiled rice until it is hot; remove from the heat, stir in the curd, and warm slightly. In a ladle, fry red chillies and mustard seeds, then pour over curd rice.


Hamburgers for kids - lunch box meal for kids
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Cutlets can be made with cooked minced meat, salt, garlic, onion, cilantro, and bread crumbs, or mixed vegetables like boiled potatoes, carrots, beans, spinach, onion, green chillies, and bread crumbs. The cutlets should be fried in a heavy pan. a dab some butter and a squeeze of lime juice or tomato sauce Place the cutlets in the middle of hamburger buns that have been split in half.

Packing Tips

  • Use bread wrappers, cloth napkins, or paper napkins to line the lunch box. Never use printed paper or newspaper.
  • Sandwiches should be covered in a moist cloth to keep them warm.
  • Aside from the main course, serve the accompaniments (pickles, chutneys, and sauces) separately.
  • Hope you liked these ideas for preparing lunch box for kids.

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