Top 5 dietary tips one should follow while working from home.

Work from home

The current situation is nothing less than a world war and we, the Homo Sapiens, are giving a tough fight against the pandemic. 

While living in the new normal, Work from Home has become a convenient work mode where our super brain is constantly trying to balance out house chores -meetings-deadlines-mental peace, and so on. As a result, most of the days we feel tired, anxious, irritated, and giving up which affects the chain of work and ends up messing it all. 

The best thing we can do in this time is adapt a new healthy habit, cut off some toxic traits and habits and be mindful about what we eat. 

Here are the top 5 dietary tips you can adopt.

which will keep you active throughout the day, immunize your body and calm down your mind for a better activity status. 

 Add millet to your breakfast:

dietary tips: millets for breakfast
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Breakfast is the first meal you take after a long gap in the night. Make sure it’s protein-rich, carbohydrate-rich, and less fat. 

Recent studies show that millets (combo of jowar, bajra, ragi, korra, arke, sama, chena, sanwa) 

  • aids the bowel movement
  • lowers blood pressure
  • reduces obesity and diabetes. 
  • They are rich sources of antioxidants and may be beneficial in curing cardiac problems.
  • As they are rich in protein and fibre, they keep you full for a considerable time and help you to stay active for more hours of the day.

Stay hydrated:  

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Your brain is the genie and you’re a genius. To keep your genie active and fresh, you should take 3-4 litres of water per day. 

  • Lack of water may affect your focus and alertness. 
  • Intake of sufficient water also reduces your mood swings and tantrums.

You can occasionally have some flavoured water as well. Dip some tulsi in a jar of water. Or have ginger-lemon-salt water once. This will satisfy your taste buds, add some ayurvedic benefits and help you to stay fresh. 

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Image by silviarita from Pixabay

Sometimes, you can take a break from the screen and grab any fruit like apples, guava, amlas, etc. You can make a fruit salad as well. 

  • Make sure you take a seasonal fruit also. 
  • They are a repository of vitamins, minerals, bioactive compounds like phytochemicals, and water. 

While Work From Home, having a bite on fruits will infuse good nutrients into your body and help you to take a break and move out from the screen for a little time.


Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay

Little cravings and grumpy feelings might cause a distraction in your work and trigger you to choose any junk food. Better to treat this situation with a handful of nuts like almonds, cashew, walnut and raisins. 

  • Nuts are a good platform of omega fatty acids, which are suitable for heart and brain health.
  • Raisins are good for iron sources and are sweet, which will satisfy your sweet cravings. 

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Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Junk food has a lot of bad effects on our health. A prolonged intake of food high in refined sugar, trans fat and salt has a bad effect on both mind and body. But it is also true, we cannot exclude them totally from our life, and many small businesses are growing, and they too need our help. 

Then how can you avoid it? 

  • Restrict the count and quantity of intake. Make it as minimum as possible
  • Be honest about the portion size. Don’t fill your tummy only with junk food.
  • Try to avoid instant noodles, artificial fruit juices, and packaged food items. 
  • Prepare any kind of food (say Momo) in house.

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In any adverse situation, our body and mind are the only best friends who stay with us. So, we should take care of them wisely.  Along with proper food, we should also have a sound sleep, a proper workout regime, pranayama and family time practice. All these together will help us to live a better life during the pandemic. 

If you have any health issues, you can consult our doctor for expert advice!

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Article by

Ishita Chandra, Bsc Food and Nutrition


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