Top 5 healthy snack ideas


A lot of people snack in between meals. Snacks should be a part of a balanced diet. They will help you get essential nutrients, stay energized, and keep you satisfied in between meals.

Indian’s usually have an obsession with sweets and snacks. Not only during celebrations, but they have always been a thing that we daily crave. It’s not only breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Indians; we have snacks in between! India has numerous small and large-scale snack brands which provide varieties of snacks. 

As we are also conscious, instead of over-snacking, healthy and tasty snacks are preferred. A healthy snack should also be rich in nutritional value and low in fat, sugar, calories, and sodium.

Here’s how you can try nutritious as well as tasty on-the-go snacks.


A salad may be too raw and bland to eat, but these tips can spice up your salad and make it mouth-watering :

  1. Add sweet potato fries. It gives a fast-food feel with veggies.
  2. Whole wheat bread can make your salad into a sandwich.
  3. Add some cheese toppings/mayonnaise. 
  4. Some crunchy chips with a hot taste would take it to the next level.
  5. Fry it by adding salt and some masala, just like we Indians do.

Popcorn/corn chaat:

Popcorn is generally a substitute for junk food. Popcorn is full of fibre, carbs and has healthy fats, protein, and other micronutrients. It is also said to aid in weight loss and digestion. Even though it is nutritious, The cooking method defines its benefits. Instead of oil, It is better to add ad tablespoon of butter, or it can be popped using the oven.

Corn chaat is undoubtedly the favourite of all. It is high in fibre content, helps in digestion, as mentioned in popcorn. Here, it is made extra spicy with the boiled, juicy corn.

Whole grain bread/chips:

Whole grains have always been the traditional raw material for Indians, which is rich in carbohydrates. As the western food culture got influenced, these whole-grain concept has again come to the trend. Whole grain bread is more nutritious than whole wheat bread as it has a combination of many grains. Even though the whole grains used for the chips are said to be healthy, some are cooked in a way that lowers their nutrition. The two reasons are by using more oil and salt. So, baked whole grain chips with less sodium content will be the best choice. 

Dry fruits:

Cashew nut, almonds, pistachio, slices of dates, walnut, raisins are the majority of dry fruits that we eat regularly. Prunes, apricots, hazelnuts, and brazil nuts also possess the same nutrition. You can take a handful of these dry fruits daily to get a wide range of vitamins and minerals. Any kind of dry fruit recipe consumed in a small amount daily is good. It is suitable to take dry fruits in small amounts as a part of the food to boost fibre content and antioxidant supply. It is also rich in calories and sugar; thus should not be consumed in excess amount.

Moong dal:

We all are addicted to roasted yellow moong dal, Aren’t we? Both yellow and green moong dal is rich in protein, B complex vitamins, low in fat, and have dietary fibre. Moong dal can use various recipes like vada, soups, and as the stuff in food items.


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