Top 5 healthy snack ideas

A lot of people snack in between meals. Snacks should be a part of a balanced diet. They will help you get essential nutrients, stay energized, and keep you satisfied in between meals. Indian’s usually have an obsession with sweets and snacks. Not only during...

Top 5 seeds you can take daily for a healthy diet

Top 5 seeds
Seeds, we all know that they are the plant's reproduction unit, but do you know some seeds are super nutritious? Yes, seeds like chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds etc., can be added to our daily diet in adequate quantities...

Benefits of Trikatu Churna – An Ayurvedic Medicine

Thrikadu choorna
The benefits of Trikatu, which is proven effective in Ayurveda, including for respiratory diseases, has reached a new stage. But with the altering concepts of health and disease, there has been an amazing awakening of interest towards Ayurveda with a wealth of knowledge about ayurvedic...

AYUSH-64 is announced effective in treating mild, moderate or asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

A virtual press conference, organised by the Ministry of AYUSH on Thursday, 29th April, declared the clinical effectiveness of AYUSH-64 prepared by CSIR in collaboration with AYUSH. The Director for the Rheumatic Diseases, Pune and Honorary Chief Clinical Coordinator of AYUSH-CSIR - Dr Arvind Chopra has...

An Introduction to Yoga and Asanas

With the advancement in human civilization, many factors got involved, which might make our lives more accessible than before but adversely affected the purity of the environment, reduced natural resources, and hampered lives on the Earth in several ways. The involvement of technologies, workload,...