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Improve your health and well being with food and nutrition

Our Focus areas

We consider food as a medicine, we provide personalized precision diet consulting to rejuvenate health and well being of our people.

Meal Plan for 6-Month-Old Baby: bottle feeding

Mother and child nutrition

Get personalized diet for improving mother and child nutrition. During pregnancy and after delivery.


Wellness and Weight loss program

Get personalized consultation for getting in better shape and health

Blood test for dietary meal plan for diabetes

Diet for controlling diabetic patients

Get personalized diet for controlling diabetics for patients of any age.

Cancer Patient

Diet for post cancer patients

Get diet for rejuvenating health after Chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.

Covid Patient

Diet for post COVID patients

Get customized diet to rejuvenating health conditions for COVID affected patients.

PCOD Patient

Diet for PCOD patients

Get personalised diet for improving hormone imbalances in woman.

Dr. Anjali MS

Our chief consulting doctor and dietitian.

Graduated in BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine And Surgery) and Pursuing Diploma in Food and Nutrition. Having two years experience as junior consultant Doctor at Dhanwanthari Vaidyasala 

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Sreelakshmi Cijin

Our chief consulting Lifestyle management specialist and dietitian.

Lifestyle weight management specialist ( NESTA certified trainer). Founder of eathealthywithsree. Interested in weight loss and weight gain programs with lifestyle conversion that incorporates the principles of healthy eating and active living.


Graduated in BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine And Surgery ) and have one year of experience as junior consultant doctor at Kopparambil Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre, Arackappady, Ernakulam. Currently Focused on treating diabetes patients.


Graduated in BAMS(Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery). Worked as Jr Consultant at Maurya Centre for Ortho and Neuro Rehabilitation. And have special interest in the field of Lifestyle disorders, Obstetrics & Gynecology.

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