The journey from obesity to normalcy: Confessions of an obesity survivor.


Obesity, a word that can change a person’s physical and mental health,is a problem of excessive weight gain accompanied by a package of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and certain types of cancer. 

Let’s not jump into the details. We are going to witness and take a lesson from real-life stories. But first, let’s dive into the causes and triggers of obesity. 

Triggers of Obesity 

Obesity is characterized by an energy imbalance between calories spent and calories ingested. People are foolish enough to ignore such a simple fact. I was obese and overweight, but I conquered my self-judgment and altered my lifestyle. Some of the factors that contribute to obesity are increased intake of calorie-dense food (junk food) that is high in fat and sugar,  decrease in physical activity due to sedentary form of work, and reluctance to take short distance walks instead using a vehicle. These elements have played a significant role in triggering obesity. 

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Real-Life Confessions 

Now to dig in, I was suffering from obesity for a long time. It started at my school days when I was in 6th standard, along with it came all the bullying and taunting. Each and every individual suffering from obesity is a victim, not only of bullying but also by a lot of diseases. Now the question is how to tackle obesity. First and foremost, we have to realise that no one else will motivate you to fix your problem. You have to do it on your own. Now, let us start with the basics of how to avoid obesity and how to fix it. Firstly, cut off all junk foods- the foods that taste good in your mouth. Secondly, engage in more physical activities i.e, working out at least 3-4 times a week, and avoid using elevators or escalators unless you carry heavy articles or suffer from any kind of physical challenge. 

Workout Regime and Diet to Avoid Obesity 

Control your cravings and reduce the intake of fats and sugar,  avoid deep-fried or fried food items like fried potatoes, chicken, veggies, pakoras, anything that is fried, you have to be strict about it. These are the primary simplest but hardest tips to share in order to fight obesity. In the case of sugar intake- sweets are a complete no, and try to cut off sugar from your diet. And mostly avoid refined oil and switch to coconut or olive oil. They are good for your heart. It is better to have boiled or grilled food items. 

Increase fruit and vegetable intake and legumes, whole grains, and nuts as they are high in ingredients but very low in calories and capable of boosting your energy. Try to have more citrus fruits to contain acetic acid and vitamin C, which helps burn fat. And vegetables are an excellent substitute for meat-based foods.

Most importantly, be punctual and adamant in your daily exercises. I was suffering from obesity and I was 90 kg, and now I am at 65. Crazy right? I was hesitant to begin but with perseverance and determination, I was able to achieve my goal. Here are the few workouts that I did to reduce my body fat percentage. 

Burpees- I started with 30 burpees and continued the count for 1 month. When I became accustomed to it, I increased it to 50 burpees a day for 2 months. After following it for 3 months, my weight came down to 75kg. I have burned 15 kilos!!! you get the figure. 

Wall Sits- Sticking up to 30 seconds of wall sit 2 sets a day can make you feel the burn around your abdomen and lower body. 

Jumping Jacks- 2 sets of jumping jacks 30 seconds each can energize your whole day. 

Plank- 40 seconds of plank will help to burn the fat around your stomach area. 

Pushup- This exercise gets your chest, shoulders, back, and abbs. 3 sets of 10 times each is preferred. If you can’t do 10 times each, then increase the number of  sets and gradually increase the count when it feels easy. 

Squats- There are 3 types of squats namely; sumo, shoulder-length, and v-shaped. For all of them,15 repetitions are preferred for beginners. 

Now, how to begin and to summarise the regime and diet. 

Jumping Jack- 30 seconds  2 sets 

Burpees – 30 repetitions

Plank- 40 seconds 1 set 

Then take a break for 3 minutes. 

Wall Sit- 30 seconds 2 sets 

Push-up- 10 repetitions 3 sets or 5 repetitions 5 sets. 

Squats- 15 repetitions for each of the 3 variations mentioned above. 

And for stretching exercises, I suggest a youtube video.Please find the link below. 

About the diet, I can’t suggest my diet because everyone is different both morphologically and metabolically. But always consult a doctor or physician before indulging yourself in any kind of diet.  


After all these discussions it all comes down to what we are aware of, we should follow a healthy diet, indulge ourselves in physical activity at least 3-4 times a week, and avoid any kind of stress. In India, obesity is a concerning issue, and it can only be resolved by working together and working on yourself as well. It’s all about dedicating your mind to it and gradually the results will just keep coming.

Article by Raphel, West Bengal

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