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Wellness & weight loss program

Wellness programs are good at helping people adopt and maintain healthy living. We help you to find a way of eating that you can sustain for a lifetime. It focuses on changing your daily routine by adding and breaking habits that can make a difference in your weight. The goal is to make simple, pleasurable changes that will result in a healthy weight that you can maintain for the rest of your life. Get fitter, live healthier and increase energy levels.

This 3 months wellness plan is broken down into 12 weeks. It is full of healthy eating, diet and physical activity advice, including a balanced diet, exercise schedules , yoga and pranayama. We will keep track on your results and guide through the process of bettering them.

We can help you

  • Sustainable diet plan that is safe and effective for achieving weight loss / weight gain.
  • Modifications to your lifestyle to incorporate components of healthy eating and exercise.
  • Personalised meal plan with balanced diet and exercise schedule.
  • Physical and mental wellness guaranteed with yoga, pranayama and ideal diet.
  • Progress monitoring and regular tweaks to your program to avoid hitting plateaus.
  • Weekly status updates over call, to ensure and monitor your progress towards the goal.  
  • To achieve safe but highly effective weight loss.
  • To regain your self esteem and confidence.

Who can choose our program

  • If you had to do a weight gain / weight loss program.
  • If you have tried many fad diets but cannot sustain or no change in weight after months of hard work.
  • If you want a lifestyle conversion with healthy eating habits and exercise regime.
  • If you want to reach ideal body weight before planning for a baby.
  • If you want postpartum weight loss to attain ideal body weight.
  • If You are ready to change your diet and a particular lifestyle to have a healthy and comfortable pregnancy.
  • If You need a personal coach and dietitian to provide proper guidance and support.
  • If You can connect us periodically with virtually from your home.


Initial Consultation

60 minutes

  • You can book an appointment with the doctor virtually according to your time.  
  • You can have an initial conversation with our doctor and share your health history and concerns.
  • We’ll have a detailed and in-depth consultation about your medical history and your lifestyle.  
  • You need to answer a questionnaire to understand your health conditions.
  • After submitting the questionnaire, we study your health history and prepare a personalised diet plan and share it with you within 48 hours.

Follow Up Consultation

30 minutes

  • You need to submit pictures of your daily meals and a food log book.
  • Every week you need to submit a client monitoring form and weekly review.
  • We’ll discuss what’s working and what needs tweaking.
  • Clear your doubts and provide proper coaching and support.

Results depend on your goal and how much time is needed to reach it, how motivated you are and how much free time you have to follow the healthy menu. Working closely with our professional specialists, you will be able to lose/ gain weight in the shortest possible time frame. Though, it is important to highlight that the outcome is a very individual thing which requires persistence and self-discipline.

INR 9,000/-

Three month

Our clients say

"It was my first time talking with a lifestyle weight management specialist and getting a customized diet fpr myself. I know Sreelakshmi chechi for so long now and was very comfortable in talking to her. I am extremely happy with the results of the 3 months wellness program. The best part is the workouts which are included in the program. The focus is also given to inculcate a healthy lifestye apart from weight loss apart from weight loss. She also shared her personal tricks and tips towards maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle."
Femina Miss Kerala 2019, Miss South India 2018, Model
"I have never had weight management issues, the reason I consulted Sree is because I wanted to correct my eating habits and add some amount of physical activity in my routine, lack of which had started causing other health issues. Sree started with understanding my requirements in detail. She is very patient and does a thorough analysis. She gave a diet plan which is a healthier version of my existing diet. It is very sustainable which I can continue easily. She also recognised and allowed cheat days. The exercise schedule was also in line with my physical requirements and very flexible. Following Sree's plan, I feel more energetic through out the day and am happy about what I'm eating. I'll recommend people to consult Sree for patient and expert advice."
"I've been trying to loose my wait for long, I was stuck in same weight for years especially after my 2 baby boys. I tried few diets (low carb, high protien, starving for long time) and of course I lost weight (just a couple of few kilos) but I lost lot more with it like muscle, hair, energy, stamina, my period cycle, strength etc... I couldn't stay on any kind of diet for long because I craved for lot of foods. So I regained all the lost weight within days with binge eating. End of the day I was not happy. Then in the beginning of 2020 I joined Sreelakshmi's 3 months wellness program...there we go, I came back on track, I mean a healthy track with Sreelakshmi's continous guidance, help, motivation etc. Not only now I am on healthy sustainable diet, I have an exercise routine too. I regained my hair (what I lost), energy, muscle, regular periods but most importantly at the end of the day I am happy and guilt free. And yes I am loosing my weight but in a healthy way! THANK YOU dear Sreelakhsmi..."
kavitha manesh
Perth, Australia
"I needed to look fit on my wedding day, so I decided to focus on it. That time, I came to know about Sreelakshmi chechi and her wellness program. Her kind of motivation and support impressed me a lot. Within 1 month I got visible results and I am so happy. About wellness program I must say I am totally satisfied. The diet structure keeps me healthy through out the period. She guided me in every step even in workout sessions also. I faced a small kind of PCOD issues before, but I overcame with the help of this wellness program. Overall under her guidance I am very much satisfied and extremely happy. Thank you chechi for the makeover."
"Being a diehard foodiee I was so easily prone to gain weight. First of all, from what I experienced, this is not a dieting program but a course which tell you how to eat properly and at the same time stay fit from whatever the facilities we have. The program is well customized as per one's needs and has a constant support from chechi which I felt is a big booster. I was able to change my outlook towards food and my eating habits forever and at the same time enjoy my food as always. It helped reduce 4Kg in a month which I think is a great thing. I am so glad I did this course, Thank you Sreelakshmi chechi for creating this platform and wishing you the very best in the future."
Dr. chandni Sreyas
"From past so many years I was trying to loss my weight. I tried evrything possible to loss weight , but nothing gave me the results. As my friend's suggestion I spoke with Sreelakshmi chechi. I was so surprised because I lost 10Kg within 3 months. Sreelakshmi chechi gave me motivation and made me to believe in me that I can lose weight with my dedication. I am so happy to be a part of this journey. All thanks to chechi.
"One of the best decision I have made in my life is to join a weight loss program. And my decision became a perfect one when I joined Sreelakshmi's 3 months weight loss program. More than a weight loss program it helped me to rearrange my eating habits in a healthy way. The post delivery weight gain and overall body pain which I thought would be there forever is almost gone now. I have returned to the weight before pregnancy and regained my energy level. I am really thankful to Sreelakshmi for being a great support and guidance throughout the program. She never made me feel like I am doing something diffcult. She made me so comfortable and gave me confidence. She addressed all my concerns also. She helped me to adjust my eating habits and thus modified my lifestyle in a healthy way that I can easily follow hereafter. Really glad and satisfied to take part in this program. Thank you Sreelakshmi!!"

Frequently asked questions

Yes, But refund will be available only for the cases which are booked and cancelled before the program starts.

After started  consulting you can extend the program according to your need. 

Every week you can talk for one hour over call. And also you can have quick calls on emergency situations. 


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